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The Band

Jaka Jarc


Vocals, Guitars

Blaž Gregorin



Janez Moder



Ana Mezgec



Matjaž Jarc


Formerly on bass, backing vocals, 

founding member

Jarc Gregorin trio live - 'Going Home Again'

Live at Prulček - Ljubljana

All songs are available on our Youtube channel. 

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Band bio

In 2017, having played the Slovenian  circuit for two years, the band put out 'Tja in spet nazaj' - 'There and  Back Again', a conceptual album dealing with the issues of what is  home, a wreath of impressions derived from personal experience of life  in migration. The album received positive response in the  media and with the general public. With the album's positive reception the  band's public presence needed to be developed, at which point Matjaž opted to  focus on classical composing and relegated his place in the spotlight.

In the winter of 2017, Janez Moder became the band's full time bassist. He is the original and  current member of one of Slovenia's most progressive bands Moonlight  Sky, as well as an extremely active session and live musician who's  played with Gal in Galeristi, Aritmija, Didiwa, Alkimia and has  collaborated with the likes of Severa Gjurin, Goran Bojčevski, Marko  Hatlak, to name but a few.

With the new blood the band took to  Slovenian stages, media outposts, and radio studios to present the  album nationwide, accumulating interest with the public. The hit song 'Never be the same'  (Nič ne bo kot je bilo) gained traction on radio stations.

In  November of 2018 the band was officially joined by academic violinist  Ana Mezgec, after she had appeared as a guest violinist, blowing the  audience away with her energetic and perfected playing style along with a  confident yet understated stage presence.

With two new  last names added to the roster of band members, the old name "Jarc Gregorin Trio"  no longer fit the four-piece. The band decided to slowly phase in a new designation: "JG3O". At first the two  names would be used side by side making JG3O the largest trio around;  the new name is set to take over with new songs and the publication of the  second full album.

There and Back Again

Home on the way, jarc gregorin trio

What is Home?

The concept Album "There and Back Again" - "Tja in spet nazaj" explores all that  represents the concept 'home'. It was written as a reflection of the authors' residency between the UK and Slovenia, friendship stretching to the US, and family with the richness of two families. 


Genre is a Medium

The album makes  use of different genres to better communicate the emotion and subtext of the messages of individual songs. Its eclectic selection of original songs that truly defy labeling. In a way this is unfortunate because it is sometimes considered impractical in this day and age to transgress the limitations of genre; it makes it harder for the audience to find your music, but it makes for an interesting album and a colourful night out  


Language is a Medium

 The album is largely bilingual, because the main author spent time between the UK and his Slovenian home – hence the concept. Most of the songs exist in either language – in fact only two do not. The tour focuses on the English lyrics, but allows the audience a taste of the unique language that is Slovenian. 

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Jarc Gregorin Trio

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia

There & Back Again

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